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What is Controlled Demolition?

Posted on by MH Diamond Drilling team

Controlled demolition is the process of systematically demolishing a structure in order to achieve a certain objective. Often used for working on buildings where high control measures of safety and order are essential, controlled demolition ensures that disturbance to the surrounding structures and area is kept to a minimum. Safety is paramount in controlled demolition, … Continue reading

Concrete Cutting FAQs

Posted on by MH Diamond Drilling team

Concrete cutting uses controlled sawing or drilling in order to form holes, passages, or opening in concrete structures and brickwork using blades tipped with diamonds for a precise, clean cut. Specialist concrete cutting machinery utilises water to minimise the production of dust, leaving a smooth, even finish for the work required. Our expert operatives can … Continue reading

What Is Diamond Drilling?

Posted on by MH Diamond Drilling team

Diamond Drilling is a precise, cost-effective form of core drilling used to create holes in a range of materials including reinforced concrete, brick and stone. As the hardest naturally occurring material in the world, diamonds are embedded into hollow drill bits to ensure they can cut or drill through of these material. The hollow drill … Continue reading

Welcome article

Posted on by MH Diamond Drilling team

M H Diamond Drilling are excited to welcome you to our brand new blog! Not only will we be using this space to update you on the goings on within the company, we will also be posting news and advice from the wider world of diamond drilling. So feel free to bookmark this page, and … Continue reading