Controlled Demolition, Knightsbridge

Works completed in Feb 2022.

We were requested by our client to remove the concrete canopy and columns to the front of Number 1 Knightsbridge by means of Controlled Demolition.

We used a 330 Robotic demolition machine (Brokk) to crunch down the concrete and finished of with a track saw cut to leave a smooth finish to the remaining slab.

Due to the location of the site between ‘The Wellesley’ and ‘The Lanesborough’ hotels works had to be carried out in selected noisy work periods which were 2 hours on 2 hours off.

Natural History Museum, Kensington

The requirement of the project was to remove areas of York stone steps to the front entrance of the museum without damaging them, so that they could be reused. Our suggested method was to diamond saw cut using power hydraulic hand-held saws.

Firstly, we used a pre-cut saw with a maximum cutting depth of 150mm, and then followed down using a ring saw with a maximum cutting depth of 270mm. Water was used to eradicate the dust emissions produced and also to cool the diamond blade during the cutting process.

Once cuts were formed at locations marked out by the main contractor, each cut step was removed with absolutely no damage to the surrounding structure. We were able to ensure the project was completed on schedule and to the client’s requirements.

Thames Gateway

Due to a design issue the clients requirement was to increase the width of 23 number loading docks to a new distribution warehouse at the London Gateway development. The method was to diamond saw cut vertically through precast concrete panels to a depth of 250mm using hydraulic ring saw to release the section. The high level works needed to be carried out from a MEWP.

Ziggurat House

In 2016, an old office tower in St. Albans was transformed into a block of 125 brand new apartments. Ziggurat House was previously owned by Aviva, and is now enjoying a new lease of life, housing luxury studio, one-bedroomed and two-bedroomed apartments complete with privately landscaped gardens.

Lending a helping hand to the renovation, M Hall Diamond Drilling carried out specialist removal of the concrete Fire Exit staircase over 7 floors, granting the developers more conversion space on each level.


New Entrance

The client’s requirement was to form a new entrance into the building through a 2 metre-thick reinforced concrete wall. The method used was to stitch drill the perimeter, breaking through using remote demolition machine Brokk 90.

York House, Marble Arch

The client’s requirement was to form new staircase openings from Level 5 to Level 3 through 380mm-thick reinforced concrete slab – all within an occupied building.

The works were carried out at night; however, no percussion vibration was permitted due to the close proximity of residential premises.

This meant that a different method had to be employed, which was to diamond drill and saw cut (using 110v and 3 phase electric equipment) the 5m x 4m area into manageable sections. These could then be lifted and removed in a controlled and quiet method, suiting the client’s requirements and with minimal noise produced.