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M Hall Diamond Drilling works on a 24/7 basis, 52 weeks a year, providing leading controlled demolition services to customers throughout the UK. With 18 years of experience, you can be sure that our dedicated and highly skilled workforce will complete your demolition work in the timeframe required, and within budget.

As a leading demolition company in London, M Hall Diamond Drilling always strives to uphold the highest safety standards possible, giving you complete peace of mind in our demolition services, no matter how big or small the project.

Demolition Contractors in London

Due to the complex nature of concrete demolition, meticulous planning is absolutely essential. This is why we ensure only the highest health and safety standards on our sites and only use the latest and best Brokk machinery.

As you would expect from a top commercial demolition contractor, the team here at M Hall Diamond Drilling has the ability to carry out demolition services electronically, ensuring that each project is safe and efficient with perfect results.

For efficient and high quality demolition work throughout the UK, get in touch with the team at M Hall Diamond Drilling and let us set your plans in motion, starting with one of our surveyors visiting your site to create a quote for you. We predominantly serve Greater London, but offer our services all over the UK – so you can take advantage of our expertise no matter where you are.

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Demolition Services FAQs

What is the most effective way of demolishing buildings?

If you need to bring down a building quickly and efficiently, implosion is the best method. This involves placing blast charges on internal supports to knock them away.

How do you calculate demolition cost?

Usually, the demolition cost of a building will be tied to its square footage, so naturally the bigger the building, the more it will cost. Of course, there are other factors that will change this, for example, the location of the building and the nature of its construction.

What are the steps for demolishing a building?

The steps for demolishing a building will usually look something like this:
  • A survey of the building will be carried out
  • Hazardous materials will be removed from the building
  • A demolition plan will be put together
  • A safety check will be carried out
  • Then finally the demolition can take place

Who gives permission for the demolition of a building?

If the demolition of a building is being proposed on its own, then in most cases you will need to apply for prior approval of the council. This is so the council can consider the impact on the local area.

For more FAQs, head to this page.

Types of Demolition Services

At M Hall Diamond Drilling, we offer two key types of demolition, these are:

While controlled demolition is still the standard for most concrete demolition projects, concrete bursting and crunching are very viable options. Crunching quietly crushes the concrete into more manageable pieces, which is particularly beneficial if you are trying to keep noise to a minimum. Concrete bursting, on the other hand, involves using hydraulic bursters to expand and crack concrete, which makes for a tidy and efficient method of concrete removal.