Concrete Cutting FAQs

What is concrete cutting used for?

Concrete cutting uses controlled sawing or drilling in order to form holes, passages, or opening in concrete structures and brickwork using blades tipped with diamonds for a precise, clean cut. Specialist concrete cutting machinery utilises water to minimise the production of dust, leaving a smooth, even finish for the work required.

Our expert operatives can carry out your concrete cutting project efficiently and quickly, allowing the next phase of construction to begin smoothly. Our team will either use hand-saws, or industrial grade machines depending on the depth and measurements you have provided for the concrete that needs to cut.

For more information, check out our Concrete Cutting FAQs below:


Concrete Cutting FAQs
  • When might you need to use our diamond concrete cutting service?

    Diamond concrete cutting may be required when creating openings for lifts, escalators or creating channels for electrical and plumbing work.

  • Are diamond concrete cutting saws really tipped with diamonds?

    Yes, we use industrial grade diamonds in our saws. This grade of diamond is a far cry from it’s sparkly relative more commonly seen in jewellery shops, but retains the unique properties that allow diamonds to cut through nearly any other material.

  • Why do you need a water supply for concrete cutting? 

    We use water for concrete cutting to minimise the mess onsite. Dust is often generated by sawing if not suppressed with water, and this can also help to prevent the blade from overheating. We have a great reputation for working quickly and cleanly, which is particularly important in retail environments where stock is still on display or in residential environments when people are living in the building, so ensuring dust and disruption is kept to a minimum is one of our top priorities.

  • Is concrete cutting loud?

    It’s not as loud as you would think! We do a lot of work for retail clients who need us to work in the night in order to minimise any disruption to their business.

  • Do I need to submit measurements? 

    Yes, we’ll require you to submit the measurements for the concrete that needs to be cut before we come to your site.

  • How soon can you quote me a price for concrete cutting work?

    Please see our Get a Price page and give us a call with as much information as you can provide. We can turn a quotation around within an hour with all of the information and be on site in 48 hours or in many cases, much sooner.