What is Diamond Drilling?

When it comes to precision drilling in the construction and engineering sectors, diamond drilling stands out as a premier method. But what is diamond drilling, and why is it hailed as a groundbreaking technique in the industry? Let’s dive deep into this advanced drilling process and shed light on its significance for those searching “What…

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The History of the Diamond Core Drill – a Timeline

Since its inception, diamond drilling has been a fundamental part of the mining industry and subterranean exploration in general. Without the vital information gathered from core samples, mines all over the world could not be explored or worked. On top of this, many of the world’s largest structures, such as buildings, bridges and dams, could…

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Role of Water in Diamond Drilling

Role of water in diamond drilling is key

Ever wanted to know more about the role of water in diamond drilling? Watch our video to learn about the benefits of water to the process of Diamond Drilling.   [transcript] Diamond drilling is a no-mess technique that avoids the production of unhealthy dust clouds. Quite simply, the use of water is key during many…

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What materials can be cut with diamond drills and saws?

diamond drilling through walls

A broad range of materials can be cut with diamond drills and saws, including concrete, brickwork, asphalt, and marble. Due to its excellent versatility, high precision, and non-percussive nature, diamond drilling and sawing can be used for a wide spectrum of jobs and for multiple different industries. What materials can diamond drills and saws cut?…

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What Is Diamond Drilling?

What is diamond drilling?

Diamond Drilling is a precise, cost-effective form of core drilling used to create holes in a range of materials including reinforced concrete, brick and stone. As the hardest naturally occurring material in the world, diamonds are embedded into hollow drill bits to ensure they can cut or drill through of these material. The hollow drill…

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