Role of Water in Diamond Drilling

Ever wanted to know more about the role of water in diamond drilling? Watch our video to learn about the benefits of water to the process of Diamond Drilling.



Diamond drilling is a no-mess technique that avoids the production of unhealthy dust clouds.

Quite simply, the use of water is key during many different projects. For example, we need effective dust suppression while moving electrical channels for new point of sale displays in shops. But how else does water help?

The use of water brings many benefits to the diamond drilling process – for both clients and workers alike.

Not only does water suppress dust to create a healthier workplace, but any clean-up operations will be much quicker, too. Leftover wet slurry can be simply swept or vacuumed away.

No dust clouds also means better visibility and improved well-being for workers. As an added benefit, water will cool and lubricate the blade or drill bit, preventing it from overheating.

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